Industrial Moving & Relocation

Premet Engineering Oy offers professional services in relocation of machines and industrial moving. 

Careful planning, professionality and tools matching with the purpose form foundation for high-grade service. We have also transferring pillows functioning with compressed air for heavy loads.

When there is a relocation of a single machine or moving of whole plant in question, contact us, and we tell you more.  

Plastic Business Machinery Maintenance

Premet Engineering provides plastic business with maintenance of machines and devices. 

The expertise of our mechanics is in its best in mechanic maintenance and repair work.

We also build pipework for raw material systems, steel construction, etc.

Examples of our maintenance objects:

  • injection moulding machines
  • conveyors
  • raw material systems
  • robots

Maintenance & Installation

Premet Engineering Oy offers comprehensive maintenance and installation services.

We can provide professional mechanic for a necessary work or project.

Examples of our services:

  • maintenance
  • industrial services
  • advance service
  • building services
  • HPAC-services
  • steel construction
  • logistic planning, e.g. industrial moving projects

Demolition Services  

Premet Engineering Oy offers technical demolition services. 
We plan and execute the demolition work and relocate demolition waste in a manner wished by the customer.

Examples of demotion services:

  • buildings
  • wall constructions
  • air-conditioning machinery, devices and piping
  • heating centres
  • machines and devices

Packing Services

Premet Engineering Oy offers packing services for machines and devices.

We prepare foundations and boxes for machines and devices. We prepare also moisture protection for goods packed, we execute binding and necessary loadings.

We hold an ISPM-15 stamp for wood material provided by Evira.

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